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Experts in renovations and refurbishment in Copenhagen, Århus og Aalborg

With more than 1500+ refurbished apartments upon move-out in Copenhagen alone, we are experts in the field and a guarantee that you’ll get your deposit back.

Istandsættelse ved fraflytning

Refurbishment upon move-out / refurbishment of the tenancy

Istandsættelse ved fraflytning

Need help upon moving-out with a refurbishment of your tenancy in Copenhagen, Århus or Aalborg? 

Have you previously done everything in your power to get your apartment renovated when your tenancy is ending, and experienced getting no deposit back?

If you’re not a professional painter, floor sander or cleaner it can be difficult to get your deposit back upon move-out. It’s important to know the lease agreement, danish rental law and your landlords demands. 

It can be difficult, time consuming and expensive to do the work yourself, especially if the work done ends up getting rejected by the landlord and has to be redone.

With Homie Håndværkerservice ApS you're guaranteed to get your deposit back!

We’re specialists in refurbishment and renovation upon move-out and end of tenancy, and have renovated apartments for all major landlords in Copenhagen, Århus and Aalborg. We can help with anything from floor sanding and painting services.

Let us handle your renovation – we guarantee that your rental apartment will be approved upon the move-out inspection. With us on the job, you’ll save both time and money. We handle all coordination with the various workers and you’re guaranteed a result your landlord will be satisfied with.

It should be easy to move – let us take care of the difficult part for you!

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We always provide a free and non-binding offer – our guarantee that you get the best possible price!

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If you have any questions, feel free to phone us at +45 30 30 00 22 or send us an email at kontakt@homie.nu

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