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I'm moving out - what should I be aware of?

When vacating your apartment, you must ensure that the apartment appears neat and well-maintained. This is your responsibility as a tenant, so if you want to ensure the return of your deposit, any marks, scratches or damages should be repaired before turning the apartment over to your landlord.

If damages are discovered during the move-out inspection with your landlord, it is possible that you may lose a portion or all of your deposit.

This is due to the danish rental law – and if your lease contract is dated after 01.06.2015, you are required to maintain the state and ensure that the apartment does not get damaged. When you hand over the apartment, it should be in the same condition as it was when you moved in. It is also essential that a thorough deep cleaning of the entire apartment is done before the final inspection.

This includes all the appliances, limescale and polishing the windows both in- and outside

What's the first step?

Først og fremmest er det meget sandsynligt at gulvene i lejligheden skal slibes og lakeres, hvis der er de mindste skader på gulvet.

Man kan oftest slippe med en let slibning, hvis der blot er tale om få mindre skader men ved større skader vil en fuldslibning være nødvendig

Alright, the floors been sanded - what now?

If you've painted any of the walls in a diffrent color or hung pictures / a lamp in the ceiling it'll have to be painted.

It is important that the color matches the guideline set by the landlord, furthermore you'll need to ensure that all the holes are filled and painted over.

If this is not done, the landlord will deduct the work from your deposit.

What's the first step?

After the floor has been sanded & the walls painted, we'll perform a thorough cleaning of the entire apartment.
This makes sure that all the surfaces that needs to be painted gets a fresh coat of paint.
This is needed to ensure that you do not get any marks on your move-out report!

Hmm.. couldn't I just do it myself?

There is of course always the possibility of doing the work yourself. However in the midst of a stressing move-out, this could put additional stress on you.
If you choose to use Homie Håndværkerservice, we'll handle all the communication and coordination in regards to the renovation.
All you need to do is empty the apartment!

We will also assist you during the move-out inspection and make sure that you have guidance throughout the entire process.

There'll always be a representative from Homie present during the final inspection.

If you want to be sure your deposit is returned - choose Homie Håndværkerservice!

We have a price guarantee - this ensures that you'll never pay more for the work provided than the offer you've accepted!

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